For as long as I can remember I have always knitted, sewed, done needlework including beading, painted and so much more.

I became much move involved in various crafts and arts when I moved to the Yukon Territory in 1990.  We have very long winters here so there is a lot of time to work on projects.  I have been working with stained glass for about 10 years and have always quilted.  

I purchased Needleboxes Plus from the previous owner , Wayne and his late wife Joanne Dennis.  She was the driving force in the success of how large the company has grown with world wide travel to shows and classes.  Wayne has always been there manufacturing the kit pieces and driving to shows all over the world.  I am blessed to have his guidance and working hands helping me whenever I call.  

We are located in Whitehorse, Yukon, in Northern Canada, and also operate out of Alaska.  This allows for our Canadian orders to be shipped direct from Canada and US orders from the US.

Our company is a family based company and in order to maintain the quality of the product, all Needleboxes and Kits are manufactured on site.  I design and produce the boxes, write instructions for the kits and my husband is responsible for maintaining the press and equipment.